About Us

Company Overview

Lynuxtel is a leading ICT company in the field of specialized solutions for the network infrastructure and services. With the advent of technologies especially IP (Internet Protocol) technology, the world that we live in has evolved into a borderless world and market competition becomes stiffer due to the fact that we are no longer separated by borders or boundaries. Competition in terms of technologies could come from any part of the world, as with IP technologies the availability of technologies or network infrastructure is seamless and transparent. Nowadays, in terms of network infrastructure and services, what the market insisted upon is a technology that is fast, reliable, safe, readily available and at a competitive rate.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

"Our Mission is to offer customer an integrated network solution for improved network speed couple with multiple benefits at lower cost of investment"

Our Vision

"To be a network service vendor of choice in the networking arena and continuously focus in R&D to remain competitive always with sustainable return to shareholders"

Provides an online driven database-application solution for medium to large organization network equipments/server and network maintenance services to ease the clients in managing network resources.

Technical Support

Lynuxtel always care for their customers. We provide 24/7 support for our product and services.